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2024 scrapbook

january - february - march - april - may - june - july

legend □ = ongoing / ✘ = dropped / ✔ = completed / ⟳ = repeat
★☆☆☆☆ = did not like / ★★☆☆☆ = eh? / ★★★☆☆ = its okay / ★★★★☆ = enjoyable / ★★★★★ = perfect
charley cheetah


cat shrine

i got back from my florida trip / my grandma passed away + / i am officially back at uni!



first time living alone! / i rewatched kaiba like 2 times. almost 3 times



i got the highest exam score of all precalculus sections my professor gives ?!?!? / went out to eat ice cream with a classmate! / went to an orchestra for the first time! / bought a custom domain for my site :)


  • kung fu panda 4 (2024) / ★★☆☆☆
    + i have never felt this type of disappointment before..... so predictable... wow. i would not be surprised if this movie was written by AI
  • X (2022) / ★★★☆☆
    +old people can get freaky too i guess...
  • paranormasight: the seven mysteries of honjo / □
  • pearl (2023) / ★★★★★
    +OH i get it now. yeah this is cinema. btw the coloring in this movie is lovely
  • dungeon meshi / □
    + i don't have wifi at my place atm so i have downloaded all dungeon meshi eps on netflix and i've been watching it on my free time (mostly while i eat, it genuinely fits so well) and i've been having so much fun with it! i plan to read it once i'm done with the anime. marcille girlfailure we love you.
  • immaculate / ★★★★☆
  • bodies bodies bodies / ★★★★☆
  • dead end: paranormal park (season 1) / □
    +i've been watching this when i go to bed and tbh it's very cute!! it's silly and i like it.
  • project sekai / i mean its project sekai... 3 stars
  • april

    celebrated my site's 1 year anniversary! + / reconnecting with old friends / perfect score on my 2nd precalculus exam


  • love lies bleeding / ★★★★★
  • twin peaks (season 1) / ✔ / ★★★★☆
    + there's like 1 character that isn't a freak here and its Pete Martell
  • fallout / ✔ / ★★★★★
    + HOLD ONNNNNNNNNNNN why was this so good?!?!?!?
    I REALLY enjoyed this though. i am not a pro when it comes to fallout lore but i absolutely love how they depicted the different mega companies and their insane ideologies and goals.

    honestly when this first got announced i was super scared because i thought it was going to be a slop of different references from the games here and there and call it a day. there's this fallout meme that i constantly think about constantly that's like "don't mess with us fallout fans! we blindly idolize the concepts our games criticize" yeah that was my worse case scenario for this series. but to my surprise they handled the themes of the games really well.

    i might be hyping it up LOL but for me the plot was really good and captivating. insane. and the show was also very funny without having to rely heavily on cheap references. honestly surprised at the amount of quality this has. also dogmeat :3
  • fallout / □
    +oh we are sooooo back
  • twin peaks (season 2) / □
  • may

    pretty sitto

    i got sick with a cold / ended my first uni semester! / got a neat portable CD player / went camping / saw mizu for the first time in 3 years!



    3ds mizu
    my 3ds

    hacked my 3DS / ate at a delicious asian buffet for my bday :3 / visited a ghost town / went to an obstacle course at a lake / visited some old AZ friends / hacked my wii u too / me answering spam callers and them hanging up as soon as i ask them about their made up company



    went to an interview...