hello! my name is des and this is my website! it mostly serves as a digital journal, mostly about my interests and life. is 100% a passion project of mine that i've been doing for fun since 2023! i've had a lot of fun learning how to code this site in order to put out whatever i want however i want it! i hope you find something you like as you browse :3

here's my guestbook if you'd like to write a little message about your visit and my chatbox if you'd like something more casual every single message means a ton to me!ヾ( ̄▽ ̄)

this website will probably be an endless work-in-progress, meaning that i am always working on it and updating it. if anything looks broken, a quick cache clean should help! if not, then feel free to e-mail me.

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  • website does not contain any explicit content but it is made by an adult with an adult audience in mind.
  • some pages are heavy on graphics / IMGS and might require you to reload more than once. all IMGS on my site are compressed so load times are a bit better.
  • recommended to view on firefox with a 1400px+ wide screen but i will try my best to make pages responsive to different screen sizes and browsers :)
  • site uses javascript and iframes that are necessary for navigation and other fun stuff.
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    reading: chainsaw man by tatsuki fujimoto

    watching: joe pera talks with you, twin peaks: the return

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    working on: having a nice summer break!

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