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sorry for the amount of broken links here... i'm always changing stuff around


03.jun.24: scrapbook: june

01.jun.24: new pics in photobook

26.may.24: journal log: portable CD player

22.may.24: new vegas log

21.may.24: created guestbook page!

20.may.24: journal log: free from uni +fallout log

18.may.24: plushies collection page is now live!

12.may.24: new featured song & album in music

09.may.24: added may page to scrapbook + more cats

04.may.24: new journal log: end of 1st uni semester

02.may.24: new listening log: 3rd desire [reve]

21.apr.24: new notebook page: site + tools info

20.apr.24 - journal log: my dilemma with neocities profile

14.apr.24 - added more games to gaming log!

12.apr.24 - added some new pages to gaming log!

11.apr.24 - my site is 1 year old today ^_^ i wrote about it on my journal

10.apr.24 - listening log: 陽​の​か​け​ら

09.apr.24 - new journal log: gender

07.apr.24 - updated featured section in music

03.apr.24 - new pic on photobook + last update to march scrapbook + created a practice page for JS + new listening log

29.mar.24 - site is now part of the silly.city webring!

25.mar.24 - new journal log!

24.mar.24 - added web projects + created spring listening log

23.mar.24 - new journal log: warmth + updated photobook + featured cat

21.mar.24 - updated gaming log with paranormasight and other logs + march scrapbook!

17.mar.24 - big update to listening log before winter ends officially!

11.mar.24 - march scrapbook page created!

07.mar.24 - new journal log!

01.mar.24 - journal v3 out!

25.feb.24 - added february to 2024 scrapbook

24.feb.24 - created winter 2024 listening log + new featured song & album

17.feb.24 - new journal log! also changed featured cat

25.jan.24 - updated and fixed mizu shrine code and added a little gallery at the end so i can keep adding mizu pics!

20.jan.24 - added new entry to photobook + scrapbook + new featured page!

15.jan.24 - created cat hoarding page in collection!

12.jan.24 - created scrapbook! will be decorating it more in the future!

11.jan.24 - journal log: grandma

05.jan.24 - journal log: back home! + new featured cat


25.dec.23 - finished my music recap of the year! this will be my last update of the year! happy holidays everyone

22.dec.23 - journal log

21.dec.23 - reworking art page

18.dec.23 - journal log: university admission accepted!

14.dec.23 - doqmeat homepage v3 is now live! + listening log + homepage archive :) rest well v2 + changed up landing as well!

11.dec.23 - gaming log + new featured cat

08.dec.23 - journal log + mail stamp + CDs

05.dec.23 - new listening log

02.dec.23 - new pic in photobook + journal log

01.dec.23 - created december listening log + website now deploys from github! + featured song & album

28.nov.23 - fashion dreamer page big update!

27.nov.23 - journal log

24.nov.23 - listening log entry

21.nov.23 - changed "cat of the week" to "featured cat" :3 also there's a new one

19.nov.23 - listening log entries

16.nov.23 - blog code revamp

15.nov.23 - listening log entry

11.nov.23 - CD collection page finished! + added sticker sheets to collections + new stamp in collection!

08.nov.23 - november listening log up with new entry! + journal log

30.oct.23 - listening log entry

28.oct.23 - journal log about my fnaf theater experience

24.oct.23 - big listening log update!

20.oct.23 - music index page rework alongside its pages is finally done!!

19.oct.23 - october movies + working on music page rework!

14.oct.23 - added sticky business to gaming log

11.oct.23 - journal log

09.oct.23 - listening log, finished adding CSS to october movies log, gaming log

08.oct.23 - added october 2023 movies log

07.oct.23 - fav albums page is FINALLY DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06.oct.23 - listening log

04.oct.23 - added NEO creatives webring!

03.oct.23 - journal log

01.oct.23 - halloween themed landing page + last september listening log update + journal log + october listening log

30.sep.23 - photobook page added! + new featured song & album on music page

26.sep.23 - masaaki yuasa watchlist + cat of the week + listening log

23.sep.23 - journal log

18.sep.23 - journal log + added piclog widget to "currently" box

15.sep.23 - finished mail stamps CSS! and added new stamps as well

14.sep.23 - journal log + bloodborne log + listening log

13.sep.23 - made a F2U notebook template!

12.sep.23 - new blog post about my history with vocaloid!

10.sep.23 - added a nostalgia and dislikes window to about page! + redid my about paragraphs so it has a better structure now

08.sep.23 - listening log: new kinoue64 album!

05.sep.23 - new page masaaki yuasa watchlist

04.sep.23 - updated gaming log, listening log

03.sep.23 - journal log

02.sep.23 - journal log, listening log

29.aug.23 - listening log big update! 5 new entries, new journal log

28.aug.23 - joined pikring, and psycho helmet webring!

24.aug.23 - new journal log

23.aug.23 - links page remade!

22.aug.23 - there's a new cat of the week! go say hi :) oh i also made a new favicon for the site!

18.aug.23 - listening log entry: se bueno, added a greenhouse

16.aug.23 - new featured song & album! now with comments

14.aug.23 - cat of the week has been changed!

13.aug.23 - minecraft gaming log!

12.aug.23 - new diary log

11.aug.23 - gave music index a bit of a makeover + added a webamp player!

10.aug.23 - listening log updated, collections and my stamps, blinkies, buttons page are now up!

09.aug.23 - new diary log

08.aug.23 - added playlists & highlights to music page!

07.aug.23 - changed the index page a tiny bit, made safe spot mobile friendly

06.aug.23 - new diary log, updated august's listening log, new entries to gaming log (dog island, pikmin 4)

01.aug.23 - updated july's listening log and created one for august alongside a new entry

29.jul.23 - new diary log

28.jul.23 - made a pot for webgardens

22.jul.23 - LOTS of new entries on the listening log, new art post! its just a doodle tho

20.jul.23 - new bloodborne log entry!

16.jul.23 - new blog post about my experience with bloodborne and my anxiety is now up!

14.jul.23 - added project sekai to gaming log, updated listening log with releases from lexie liu, yeule, and odd eye circle

08.jul.23 - added bloodborne to gaming log, shrines index page, july's diary page

07.jul.23 - july's listening log is here!

28.jun.23 - mizu shrine done!!!!, new listening log entries: shinee's hard and kirara's sarah

25.jun.23 - updated june's listening log with a bunch of singles

23.jun.23 - new diary log update! wrote about stuff ive been into lately and a tiny website update at the end

16.jun.23 - added a bunch of stuff i've listened to the june listening log! its finally up to date :]

14.jun.23 - added new games to gaming log

11.jun.23 - blog about the 2023 wholesome games direct!

09.jun.23 - new listening log: fromis_9's unlock my world

08.jun.23 - new diary log: shopping spree! and other notes

04.jun.23 - first listening log entry of june! across the spiderverse ost

02.jun.23 - new diary log: birthday edition!

28.may.23 - new listening log entry: foster the people's torches

28.may.23 - new featured song & album in music page!

27.may.23 - made a page for my previous layouts

26.may.23 - new listening log entry: shinee's sherlock

25.may.23 - made a new page for ramblings! the very first log entry is about blue (2002), added a sitemap

22.may.23 - new listening log entry: enhypen's dark blood

19.may.23 - new listening log entries: iiso's salad days, luna's free somebody

16.may.23 - new listening log entry: +(KR)ystal Eyes's aesthetic

14.may.23 - changed featured song & album in the music page!

11.may.23 - new listening log entry: yoasobi's hajimeteno

10.may.23 - new listening log entry: yeule's sulky baby

08.may.23 - added new entries to listening log

07.may.23 - added a safe spot page for my own use with mental health resources

06.may.23 - added new listening log entry, more video games iframes!

05.may.23 - new diary log talking about beau is afraid and ari aster, added more video game iframes!

03.may.23 - new listening log entry, added more video games iframes

01.may.23 - added new listening log entry, changed featured song & album in the music page!

30.apr.23 - created video games page, and added new listening log entry

25.apr.23 - new listening log entry

23.apr.23 - fav albums page now up!

22.apr.23 - finished art section, created art gallery, and a post for my artwork: halo, added a favs section to my about

20.apr.23 - created past featured songs & albums page for music section, added a new listening log entry

19.apr.23 - today's log entry is dedicated to moon bin. rest in peace

18.apr.23 - added an adoptions page!

17.apr.23 - added a new listening log entry

15.apr.23 - finished my about me page

14.apr.23 - created a listening log for april!

13.apr.23 - created a monthly log entries, created credit page

12.apr.23 - 2022 music summary

11.apr.23 - website created!