december 2023 listening log

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  • yume no manimani - weevildoing
  • delulu - lexie liu
  • time-lapse - yukika
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    credit: header bg from yukika's time-lapse teasers. no text ver. from @YukikaGlobe!

    yume no manimani - weevildoing

    screencap of the music video

    type: remix

    genres: breakcore, hardstyle

    date released: 10 december 2023

    yep :) another siinamota remix on my listening log!!!! this one is actually very special because it is from the 2023 siinamota fanzine that recently released! as a fan of siinamota, i've been following this fanzine very closely. i am very happy the mods behind it made it non-profit, and the proceeds go to TELLjp, a non-profit japanese organization that provide support and counseling to it's community. they also raise awareness of japan's mental health care needs. a few days ago i received my copy of the zine via e-mail and i just LOVE all the work that everyone put into it, all for the love of siinamota's work. it made me a bit emotional as i was going through my 2.9gb folder.

    as i was watching the video in my folder, i stumbled upon this song. a remix of siinamota's yume no manimani. first of all, I LOVE music video for this remix. the lovely illustration and the rainbow filtered background footage is such a sight tbh... and i think it goes so so so well with the song itself.

    weevildoing's yume no manimani is definetly a more 'chaotic' take on the original drum n bass song. with way more pronounced breakbeats in its instrumental throughout the song. but i'm not sure if i should call them breakbeats.... its more of like "pulsating" type of sound that you would hear in hardstyle songs. something like what internet yamero has in its 'darker' parts. i also LOVE the the screaming..... whispers ??? that are heard throughout the verses in addition to miku. it's such a nice detail!!! i really like it.

    i am super duper happy with this remix. but i think the cherry on the top was when i was hearing this for the 4th and went holy shit. is that JOE PERA? at the random voice in the intro. UPON RELISTENING TO THIS PART AT MAX VOLUME i managed to hear more clearly what that voice sample was and it was indeed a clip from joe pera talks with you. i felt my worlds colliding. the quote itself is very sweet and it is one of my favorites from joe pera's show. which i highly recommend watching BTW!

    the sample that appears in the intro of the song goes as follows:

    a place of undeniable good in the world.
    and now that they're gone-
    well, i actually still have to take care of the house.
    i don't know if i'll ever be able to find that again
    or if i'll ever feel alright again
    i don't know.
    what do i know?

    i love this little inclusion. so sweet. closing thoughts: this fucking bangs AND it samples joe pera. win win for me!

    links: youtube


    listened on 11.dec.23, published 13.dec.23

    img from music video, art by weevildoing

    delulu - lexie liu

    album cover for lexie liu's delulu

    type: single

    genres: electropop, drum n bass

    date released: 21 november 2023

    ever since i listened to the happy star i've been keeping tabs on this artist!

    this single of theirs has been so addicting the more i listen to it tbh... it scratches my brain SOOOO good. the dnb throughout the chorus?? OH YEAH!!!! i genuinely love this.

    links: spotify, youtube


    listened on 21.nov.23, published 05.dec.23

    picture from apple music nz

    time-lapse - yukika

    yukika smiling with a cat

    type: EP, cover album

    genres: city pop

    date released: 1 december 2023


    oh life is so wonderful. to have a FULL ON city pop from yukika feels like a dream come true. i think it's a very nice touch that all the lyrics (of the japanese songs) were translated to korean for the covers! i waited for it to be nighttime in my timezone just so i could listen to this with the INTENTED atmosphere and wow

    that was so beautiful.... the title track, 가까이 하고 싶은 그대 (i want to be closer to you) just makes me feel like i am falling in love all over again i even got emotional while listening to this because of the news that this might be her very last album ... crying emoji

    when i saw this, i'm not gonna lie i got a bit sad that this might be it for her discography, as someone who very much LOVES her music. nonetheless, i am always going to be happy for her :) no matter where she goes. i have talked about this in my fav albums page under soul lady, but yukika is the reason why i got SO into k-pop (though i've been feeling quite detached from it nowadays ha ha...) AND her soul lady album was one of the first albums i ever bought physically just because i love it so so so much. i've always loved yukika's music and her take on city pop. i think she has such a lovely voice, and shes so charming ^.^

    photograph of yukika

    at the end of the day, i am happy she's doing whatever she wants to do! i will always be happy for her and cherish the music she has given us. thank you yukika!

    also the youtube MV is so so so lovely!!! let's all watch it and be happy.

    links: youtube EP playlist

    highlights: 가까이 하고 싶은 그대, how to love (intro), remember summer days, telephone number, night in memories


    listened on 01.dec.23, published 01.dec.23

    pictures from yukika's teasers. no text version from @YukikaGlobe