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every once in a while i pick a song & album to highlight on my page! take these as recommendations and just stuff i'm currently listening to :3

14.jun.24 - ? : the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy / sonic rush OST
what a yummy song, it reminds of my melodic dubstep high school days I AM SO OBSESSED WITH THIS SOUNDTRACK......
12.may.24 - 14.jun.24 : 24 / dreamy drive
very catchy and fun song and it kinda has that fnaf's beat to it that i love nice and chill korean indie release! had been meaning to listen it for a while! very refreshing
07.apr.24 - 12.may.24 : satisfied / 陽​の​か​け​ら
such a nice song to jam to (i wish it was longer!!!) a gorgeous and dreamy ep that uses hatsune miku for its vocals and a mix of shoegaze and dreampop / ambient pop for it's instrumentals.
24.feb.24 - 07.apr.24 : aqua / dead girl dubstep EP

this was love at first listen. this is technically jpop.... since they are a japanese pop boy group... but i also consider them to be a kpop group. anyway. I MISSED THIS future house sound soo much in kpop. it was super refreshing to hear this from my newly released tab! it's so good, first hit of the year.

a fun new EP from one of my favorite electronic artists filled with energetic remixes, most of them from siinamota!

01.dec.23 - 24.feb.24 : spell / kokegane no uta

i've been obsessed with this song for quite a bit and i just need to say that this is kpop perfection to me. i love a good ass song that makes me wanna get up and dance to it.

links: spotify

one of siinamota's best releases! this is so so charming. ranging from sweet songs to energetic ones, i think this EP has a great balance to it. my favorite song from here is ましろの色 (mashiro no iro)

links: spotify

20.oct.23 - 01.dec.23 : internet yamero / おしえてV感覚

insane song imo, i really have to appreciate the range in subgenres this song has and how well aiobahn manages to put it all together to make this AWESOME listening experience.

a very chill japanese shoegaze EP... very sweet ^-^
links: youtube

30.sep.23 - 20.oct.23 : breathe / softscars

such an iconic kpop song imo! this is pure house perfection. i was super happy to see that they made a remastered version of it.

yeule :) this album was such a cool listening experience i talk more about it here!
links: bandcamp / youtube

16.aug.23 - 30.sep.23 : dorothy / se bueno

i've been thinking a lot about this song lately. the drum n bass in the 2nd half makes me so emotional for some reason ?!?!? and it has made think "why is that?" and boy do i wish i had the words to describe it. i just feel like the breakbeat part of this song elevates it so much, it adds so much to it. from the sad piano, and bittersweet singing, i think its such a lovely touch.
links: youtube

and talking about breakbeats!!! i recently listened to this album. and wow was this so so so cool. i've been looking for more drum n bass music lately and the album cover of this catched my attention.
links: bandcamp / youtube

more thoughts will be on this month's listening log soon! which you can read right here!

27.jul.23 - 16.aug.23 : abon / end of the world
07.jul.23 - 27.jul.23 : outro blue bird / (1)
13.jun.23 - 07.jul.23 : across the spiderverse (start a band) / eye cue rew see (remake)
28.may.23 - 13.jun.23 : kontemonia / sherlock
14.may.23 - 28.may.23 : i feel love / celeste ost
1.may.23 - 14.may.23 : 千客万来 / ghost
20.apr.23 - 1.may.23 : stone heart / funeral
12.apr.23 - 20.apr.23 : expose / i am not shinzo abe