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hello! my name is des and this is my humble little corner on the internet. it mostly serves as a digital journal where i share whatever i want, however i want it! coding this site has been the most fun i've had online in a long time. so thank you for checking it out! i hope you find something you like.

here's my guestbook if you'd like to write a little message about your visit every single message means a ton to me! thank you for visiting my site! ヾ( ̄▽ ̄)

this website will probably be an endless work-in-progress for quite a bit. meaning that i am always working on it and updating it. if anything looks broken, a quick cache clean should help! if not, then feel free to e-mail me or create a github issue.

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  • website does not contain any explicit content but it is made with an adult audience in mind.
  • recommended to view on a 1536px+ wide screen but most pages are responsive to your screen size :)
  • some pages use javascript (some pages might not work correctly without it) and iframes
  • most pages should be mobile compatible though it might look VERY weird.
  • status

    my birthday is in.....
    i am feeling... The current mood of doqmeat at


    playing: fallout: new vegas, paranormasight

    reading: the guy she was interested in wasn't a guy at all by sumiko arai, chainsaw man by tatsuki fujimoto

    watching: dungeon meshi, twin peaks S2

    listening to:

    working on: learning JS

    coding/writing: siinamota fansite

    last updated on 20.may.24


  • 22.may.24: new vegas log
  • 21.may.24: created guestbook page!
  • 20.may.24: journal log: free from uni +fallout log
  • 18.may.24: plushies collection page is now live!
  • 12.may.24: new featured song & album in music
  • 09.may.24: added may page to scrapbook + more cats
  • 04.may.24: new journal log: end of 1st uni semester
  • 02.may.24: new listening log: 3rd desire [reve]
  • 21.apr.24: new notebook page: site + tools info
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