project sekai

release date: sep 30, 2020
developer: crypton future media
genre/type: rhythm, visual novel, gacha

officially known as hatsune miku: colorful stage but i prefer project sekai.


okay the rumors are true. i enjoy playing the hatsune miku rhythm gacha game tbh as long as i dont spent a single dollar on it we are chilling

14.jul.23 been playing it on and off for a couple of months now! i play on english servers. i really enjoy the rhythm and visual novel aspect of it tbh. now whenever i just wanna numb my brain for a bit i just open this app instead of twitter, it has worked wonders

21.mar.24 they have added 3 siinamota songs AND parley onuma's egoist !!!! so i redownloaded the game again :) i have yet to spend real money on this so we are still Good.

fav groups and charas

fav groups are vivid bad squad and nightcord

fav charas are kohane and an (DO NOT SEPERATE), emu, all of nightcord...

fav cards that i have

honestly some of these are so fucking pretty like wow

other screenshots

my phone overheats like crazy whenever i play a damn show