portal 2

release date: apr 18, 2011
developer: valve
genre/type: puzzle, adventure

i am pretty sure this game made me the Gamer (derogatory) that i am today. i would have definitely gone down another path if i had never played this game i am being very very serious. i remember getting this game one time for christmas since it was on sale on steam, begging my mom to pls pls pls get me this probably $9.99 game at the time of the sale. and boy. what a fucking experiece was it to play this.

another cool fun fact: i remember i had a MASSIVE crush on chell and, i hate to say it, (cus it feels embarrasing to admit this from a VIDEO GAME CHARACTER) but this was when i found out i might not be soooooooo straight.......... yeah. i will forever cherish this game.

oh also i have cosplayed chell for a con once!!! that was pretty cool actually.
im the portal 2 chell (left) and portal 1 chell (right) was a random cosplayer i found at that con!!! super cool seeing here i was actually really happy that day i just dont show it cus im in character you know.
i dont think chell has a lot to smile about in her life.