pikmin 4

release date: jul 21, 2023
developer: nintendo
genre/type: adventure


i love oatchi

this game is amazing. but out of everything i love oatchi the most

doodles of me and oatchi that keep me sane

when i think of a world without oatchi it makes me wanna cry and throw up [06.aug.23]

when i got sick with covid earlier this month, i used to play this game OBSESSIVELY... and i did finish the main story!!! now i'm currently on the first area of the bonus areas! i think i'm a bit burnt out tho cus i haven't played since i got better KDFJLSK. BUT I DO wanna keep playing it so i can see more of oatchi beloved. and honestly? this game lowkey saved me from not going insane on all of those nights i couldn't sleep cus i was sick so thank you pikmin 4 for that

oh also my favorite boss was that one with the disco ball i swear i was smiling SO BIG when i got to that boss idk i just found it so fun and genius [29.aug.23]