needy streamer overload

release date: jan 21, 2022
developer: wss playground, xemono
genre/type: visual novel


FINALLY. i managed to get this game just not cus it was on sale on steam!
been meaning to play this game for such a longgg time cus the concept sounds... intriguing and i like the art style a lot too! so i hope its good [19.jun.23]

alright. the game is pretty fun! i did not expect it to take such a dark turn tbh so that was pretty enjoyable. butttttt i feel like most endings are pretty predictable. and after a while doing the same thing over and over again with the exception of 1(one) thing to get a different ending can get prettyyyy tiring id say. at least for me. but i really like what this game brings to the table. and the pixel art style is super cute and up my alley. overall im glad i got it on sale [08.jul.23]