welcome to doqmeat's gaming log! these are either video games i've enjoyed, currently playing, or want to play! most of the time i'll write my thoughts on them, my progress, share screenshots i've taken, and anything else! spoilers will be hidden!

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change log

  • 16.jul.24: log: new vegas
  • 15.jul.24: log: cato
  • 14.jul.24: log: new vegas
  • 09.jul.24: added: cato: buttered cat
  • 03.jul.24: log: style savvy trendsetters
  • 19.jun.24: log: sonic rush
  • 17.jun.24: screenshots: style savvy trendsetters
  • 09.jun.24: added: sonic rush
  • 05.jun.24: added style savvy: trendsetters
  • 24.may.24: log: new vegas
  • 22.may.24 - log: new vegas + from now on i'm gonna start logs from newest to oldest!
  • 20.may.24 - log: fallout
  • 17.apr.24 - log: fallout
  • 14.apr.24 - added: breath of the wild, cattails, gris, hollow knight, milk inside a bag of milk, rental, splatoon 2
  • 12.apr.24 - added: fallout, fallout new vegas i just finished watching the fallout show, can you tell?, cloud gardens
  • 21.mar.24 - added: paranormasight / log: project sekai
  • 11.dec.23 - log: fortnite, bloodborne
  • 28.nov.23 - updated fashion dreamer
  • 23.nov.23 - updated fortnite page so now each skin has their own screenshot set :) more organized this way YAY!
  • 03.nov.23 - log: fashion dreamer
  • 14.oct.23 - added: sticky business
  • 09.oct.23 - log: fashion dreamer
  • 04.sep.23 - log: bloodborne, screenshots: needy streamer overload
  • 13.aug.23 - added minecraft
  • 06.aug.23 - added the dog island, pikmin 4, updated fashion dreamer
  • 23.jul.23 - updated bloodborne
  • 14.jul.23 - added project sekai

  • my gaming lore

    i pretty much grew up playing video games :3 i'd write more in here but i don't got much else to say at the moment. video games fun.

    consoles i've had: DS lite, xbox 360, DSi, wii, 3DS, wii u, PS4, switch lite

    honorable mention to my poor non-gamer laptops i've had to run games that weren't meant to be played in them.


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