fashion dreamer

release date: nov 3, 2023
developer: Syn Sophia
genre/type: simulation, fashion
links: nintendo switch / website
code: vLX5GBak4r

table of contents

muses: jade, ry, pandora, chainsaw man charas / logs / lookit gallery: for others, for me, my lookits, misc



my self-insert :3 i used to go by 'jade' online when i was younger cus i've always loved that name. and that's why i named them that.


short for ryan! i created this muse on a whim just so i could play around with the 'masculine' (type b) clothing and now i'm kinda attached to him DFSLFK


NOT AN OC.... this is guitar hero's pandora but i basically treat her like my OC (activision should just give her to me tbh) pandora has always been one of my favorite characters because of her AWESOME and cool outfit designs (and also because i grew up playing guitar hero and i am pretty sure she was part of my gay awakening)

i really love playing with her style and the lookits other players have made for her are soooo her as well! meow meow :3

chainsaw man characters

angel devil



i never got to play style savvy for the DS so this is my only chance. i was in a theater when the direct where this got announced was airing and boy did i want to jump in the middle of scream 6 when i saw this. i miss dress up games so much I CANT WAIT to play this!!!!!!!!!!!!!


09.oct.23just pre-ordered my GAME OF THE YEAR !!!!!!! im so excited!!!!!!

fashion dreamer will be playable... NOW!!!

03.nov.23 i am having the time of my life. here is my muse!!! they are basically just me... but i called her jade because i really like that name :3

i think i've played like... 5 hours or so BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! i cant wait to design my own stuff. and the online aspect is so cool as well. i love how people can pick an outfit for you based on what you like!!!

but i do have a tiny bit of a complain: i wish some clothes weren't locked behind different types because i find a cool shirt that i would like my character to wear but then can't cus it is for type b bodies :(( but at least there's tons of accessories and shoes that both types can wear and you can have facial hair no matter your type so that is pretty neat as well!

i'm gonna play some more now, but i'm loving it a lot! here's my code if anyone wants it vLX5GBak4r !

lookit gallery