fallout new vegas

release date: october 19, 2010
developer: obsidian entertainment
genre/type: shooter, rpg, action
status: not finished
crash count: 4


17.jul.24 i was wondering where this little robot was after remembering em' from my first playthrough!

my courier standing next to ED-E

also i looked up and thought this was really pretty.

the night sky. cloudy. green. with the NCR flag focused.

16.jul.24 this was so embarrassing...

i didn't even notice my health and also why is there a DOG behind me? i was so dead here either way...

14.jul.24 been a while since i played this! did a little bit of stuff here and there. turned that robot into a sheriff for primm thumbs up also met my first companion (of this playthrough) cass! she's pretty funny.

some notes for myself:
screenshots from new vegas screenshots from new vegas

27.may.24 i go north of goodsprings and got my ass beat by cazadores.... i went back and decided to take a selfie with the dog instead.

me and chey

after i said goodbye to the dog, i went south and helped out the ppl at primm. i will be turning that robot into a sheriff.

24.may.24 i think i am pretty much done with goodsprings! got through that fight with the powder gangers (btw i feel like gangers is impossible for me to say irl) and the ppl of goodsprings. helped goodsprings of course because like i don't have have it in me to be evil. and also a dog lives in goodsprings and her name is cheyenne. i remember in my first playthrough of new vegas, when i got into this fight idk What happened but my ass was a bit rusty and the dog fucking died and i felt soooooo bad. i couldn't even reload because it had been a while since i had saved the game (i learned from this one) so she had to stay dead

until today! i did this quest again, sniped the guys. and the dog? is very much alive. fuck yes.

one of the first perks i chose in the game was the wild wasteland. i think i have encounter at least 2 of these random encounters.

the first one was this fridge with a skeleton and a hat. but the weird thing is that when i equip the hat it looks totally different on my character? it has feathers?? oh my bad, i just googled this and this is just what it shows for female models KJDFLFDKSJ. moving on.

i also found this thing. and below the clift there was a corpse with a pretty cool outfit tbh. also fuck that bitch barton whatever for making me go and look for his missing daughter and wasting my damn time. i killed you with a knife.

i think next time i boot up the game i will goooooooo to the north of goodsprings and do some progress on my main quest. but anyways, it feels good to be playing this game again :)

22.may.24 told myself i would start a new save file as soon as i finished playing fallout and here we are. we are so back.

my little angel

chilling with oomf

11.apr.24 first played around the same time as fallout aka summer 2020 and probably once again in summer of 2021. i think i am halfway through the game but imma be real. i have 30 hrs in on this game. i kinda don't remember a lot of what's happening when i stopped playing it KFDLDFKFD. so when i pick it up again whenever, i will probably gonna have to do some light reading.

i'm pretty sure i had my fun in the 30 hrs that i played. i do remember the songs from the radio being a bit samey........... i felt like there were not that many songs in there. at least from my memory.

this is my 2nd 3D fallout i've ever played after fallout 4. gun play is def a bit jankier. but like i can't really bitch about that when it does INDEED have a WAYYY better dialogue (+dialogue system) than FO4. the gay ppl were right. very charming and funny game as well. will probably pick it up again after finishing FO1. someday. on god 🙏