release date: october 10, 1997
developer: interplay entertainment
genre/type: rpg, action
status: finished!


11.apr.24 i played this game at around summer of 2020 after longing for some fallout for a while bc i had so much fun with fallout 4 when it released. i boot up fallout, made my dumbass character. and oh boy. :D

i am dying left and right. i keep reloading my saves. i am in shambles. turns out this game? is VERY hard. and for my own sanity i cannot continue with the same character i have bc i'm literally not gonna be able to make progress without going crazy.

i have 21 hrs in this and let me tell you that I DID have a lot of fun with it so far!!! it's so lively and refreshing. very very different (obviously) from any other game i've previously played.

i have plans to pick this game up again someday because well. i really love the world of these games and what they represent. i find it super interesting. but this time i will follow a guide to build my character stats bc i do not plan to suffer that much this time.

13.apr.24 I AM BACK ON MY BULLSHIT. i added some guides and other links that i've found that have been helping me with getting back into the game. i follow these guides just for their recommended stats and character builds since i want to experience the story and all of that myself! i also downloaded a character editor which is a program that let's you edit out your stats and all of that. i don't want to be a walking death machine so the only things i've tweaked so far were my Action Points to 10 and my carry weight to a lil bit more.

17.apr.24 wow. so with the help of the character editor i've been able to focus on the story while also enjoying the combat! YAY! i managed to complete my main mission which was to get a water chip for my vault, and now i gotta figure out where the mutants are coming from. i've gotten a little bit farther from where i first left off like 3 years ago. i've been enjoying it so much! as someone who's been meaning to get into this game for a bit because of it's story but couldn't because of it's difficulty, i'm very happy i was able to find some help online on how i could play this in the least painful way possible. i'm very invested in the story which i'm going blind for the most part, except for the master. i forgot what is their issue (thank you brain!) but i am so excited to meet them after seeing how sick (both a good and bad way) the character design for him is.

i had dogmeat throughout the game til a bit earlier. he died :( sorry dogmeat. i don't want to reload my save file. you will be missed.... besides my beloved dogmeat, i've only had ian as my companion. and well he is still my companion. hmm. i wonder where are the other companions. i read that companions were added late to this game. so i'm guessing there aren't that many in game to begin with.

also, i randomly opened my pipboy and saw that it was valentine's in game and it showed a little message. aw.

happy valentine's day

i've also recently discovered that fallout's creator (tim cain) has a youtube channel and he honestly gives out cool grandpa vibes. he's been doing short videos about being a game dev (for the most part) and of course, he also has done some videos talking about the development for fallout. i've been watching his videos almost on a daily basis and i honestly just love hearing him talk about stuff. he seems like a very chill dude.

20.may.24 and so... after 44 hours i have finished this game. i really want to thank the character editor i downloaded because good lord. this game is not fucking easy. DESPITE this, i had such an awesome time with this game's story! as a big big fan of fallout just look at my domain... i just love exploring the world that brought it all to live and how different it is from the modern games. i can't really talk That much because i've only completed fallout 4, havent finished new vegas, never touched fallout 3. but it is clearly different to what it once was. and that is not bad in it of it self.

what i was most excited for while playing this game was def to meet the master because i had seen screenshots of him and he just looks so fucking interesting and his design is so crazy. what a real freakazoid!!! this is honestly an insanely good villain. but i also find it extremely funny how the "best" way to beat him was just to go "erm actually....... your mutants cannot fuck." for him to go "oh.... i guess i'll kill myself and everyone else in this room". i also loved how since he is an amalgamation of a bunch of creatures, he had different voices as he spoke to you. i just love the attention to details that is in this game.

the brotherhood of steel is also pretty different from what i've seen in fallout 4. they have like... idk just more to them! all the companions that i once had all died... so sorry... specially dogmeat... my poor meow meow. bark bark.

overall: this game was a very cool experience has a fan of the series! again, i don't think i would have ever completed it without cheats so thank god for that! i will now watch some video essays i've been saving for when i finish this game.

ref & links

  • official fallout manual
  • the ultimate fallout guide
  • mastering fallout 1 guide
  • fallout character editor
  • fallout 1 in 2
  • hotkeys from official manual i forget


    screenshot of the game that reads you have no idea what instant spaghetti means. it weighs 1 pound.