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internet neighbors

neet-elite isopodz the0bserver lostletters soupie pixelmoondust solaria trinity.exe applesayce maplebear nork2004 frills cepheus wrender ruili lucard mypillowfort marcika.club churupan cyberneticdryad catcakes 10kph jasmine's journal layfarts sylum audreywasadriver myblace alphacentauri traumagotchi fairygore hidingspot's site button ita.toys shydeer pameluft popisbubbles caitsith ribo.zone sea of colors poemdoll Snewberry Button lexi sweetlolita ocha.cafe alpawca neet retreat galissia cherie ginder devils.gay item64 crisis.city

sites without buttons (e-mail me if you do have one!)

44caliber.net / dogsprite / pelagiczones / bubbly / 2cherrish / yaebee / cyclopamine / maphren / innkeeper

other cool sites

personal sites

melokaji 22yk01 snifflebear.moe eggsandmint Velvet Blue nyabla decodreams ajiyuu hat zucchini.cc nerucom virtuagirl maria.town fruitgummie syntheticfruits vexcharm jeansgurl98 dvdnerd

neustadt.fr / pux.nehukon.de / kiyuyu

art / music


resources / graphics

sweetcharm tora7 twicethepixels pomelo's pixel site

for fun!


Status Cafe 32.bit cafe nekoweb silly city

404 graveyard :(

please do let me know if these sites had their URL changed!

hatsu cardcaptors!

gougou772 / glassheart

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