doqmeat's photobook

my instant film pics are taken with a . i've had it since 2018, works like a charm! both the camera and film it uses are pretty affordable. i love the pics you can get with it so i highly recommend it if you're looking for something to have some fun with!

digital pics are from my shitty android phone *crying* wanna save for a nice digital camera someday! and i also take pics with my 3DS cus it's fun :3

border legend

instant film

phone pics


from my florida trip with my boyfriend :D we went to disney, bush gardens, sea world, and universal.
taken throughout december 2023
beautiful sunset
taken on 08.jun.24
went camping somewhere in AZ, very nice and chill. i love the little white flowers that was growing around the place.
found a bug buddy too! a friend told me it is a "robberfly"... first time i hear of them and see them.
my mom's dog toby cameo. he's ugly but also cute.
will post the scanned fujifilm pics at a later date!
taken on 01.jun.24
chillin' on top of a car. dick face...
butterflies :D
butterflies make me so happy
wall that was completely made out of shells. there was also a house that was also entirely covered with shells. pretty neat!
birds flying above me at the beach. they were looking for dinner
a sad looking beach. didnt get in
i love seeing rainbows while driving
doggy :D
ghost town of jerome. talk more about this place on my journal log
visited a rose garden before they died during the summer! it smelled so lovely. i felt like the little prince
taken on: 05.jun.24
cat shrinecat shrine
a shrine for a cat, saw this at my uni campus >︿<
taken on: 19.jan.24
instant film mizu :3
one day i bought a cheap (i think, it was like 60 dollars or something) polaroid telescope. mostly just used it to look at the moon. the thing didn't take pictures so i put my phone's camera on the eyehole to get this pic. one of my fav pics ever
abandoned car
on my airplane ride to puerto rico
tiny snowmen. dad and son
cute flowers i saw while walking
taken on 16.jul.24
my little garden
taken on 01.jul.24
my phone started overheating at the rose garden so i started taking pics with my 3DS LOL... i do like how they turned out tbh. the 3D effect also turned out pretty good too!
taken on 05.jun.24
a little pond
taken on 21.mar.24
while on my walk, i stopped to take a pic of these flowers. when i bend down to take the pic, i noticed the lil caterpillar underneath the leaf :3 what a cutie. taken on 02.dec.23
MUSHROOMS!!!! i haven't seen mushrooms growing in the wild in so long, it makes me sad.
beach! i love going to the beach
taken in arizona. i was in a ghost town tourist attraction thing.
i love taking pics of sunsets as you will see
guys i love sunsets.
taken on a camping trip in a arizona desert. chill experience from what i remember. mostly spent my time reading a book.
puerto rican flag over sunset. i should turn the brightness up on this one
scanned some instax pics from my trip
taken throughout june 2024
went down a river.
taken on 08.jun.24
there's this cat called misty that visits me every once in a while. she's very cute! i got her name from her collar. it has a little bell which is perfect because it let's me know when she's by and i always open the door so i can give her some pets. good cat.
taken on 19.apr.24
one day i got out of the house and there were a ton of butterflies around.
me when i go outside and see wonderful creatures like bees and butterflies

i love going outside. everyone, lets go outside.
mizu on a tree, what will he do. i remember i took this one at 6am as i was about to catch the bus for school.
one of my favorite sunsets that i've captured
pic i took that ended up getting corrupted. find it very cool to this day
sooooo pretty :3