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sites that have inspired me!

stuff used in my website

a lot of stuff i use for my site can be found on my links page! for the fonts i've used you can look at all of them here :)

i usually have a little space in my pages (usually in the footer) dedicated to the credit of materials used in the respective page! on older pages, you'll find some credit links in the source code :)

a lot of the graphics in my site are from collection pages that rarely have their stuff sourced. i have tried my best to look for credit on some of these but if i've used something that is not free to use please contact me and i will happily remove it! if you know the credit for something you don't see credited or can't find what you're looking for, you're always welcome to send a msg in my chatbox or e-mail. happy coding!

homepage v3 credits

  • most pixels were found from pixel collection pages. i'd love to find the sources for each of them so i can give proper credit so if any one knows, please e-mail me!
  • js audio button code from this template!
  • falling items code
  • scrolling title tag
  • draggable js code for minecraft cat plush :3
  • theme switcher js
  • last played last.fm js code by bianca rosa
  • these will depend on the theme selected!


  • a lot of graphics are from these sites: sorahana, sleepysprout, this little cat here is from tora7kg
  • patterned bgs from sozaioukoku
  • fonts used in this page are: typo garden, gaegu, spirit, morningtea, nintendo ds bios, simple
  • body background by Rodion Kutsaiev from unsplash