2022 music recap

note: this is a copy of a notion page i have! i did not have my own website back then... excuse the mess i have yet to finish cleaning up this page oops. 05.dec.23 edit: I FINISHED FORMATTING IT...

top 20 songs

that were released this year!

1. utopia / the one - drippin

having to choose between these two songs is so hard so i just did not do it. honestly i did not expect to Love this album as much as i do the first time i listed to it.

now about the songs i listed here: im pretty sure i shed a tear when i listened to utopia for the first time. that intro is so fascinating to me even if it sounds pretty simple but i just love it so much. it never fails to give me goosebumps. BUT ALSO. the samples of nostalgia were just the cherry on the top for me. i LOVE nostalgia so much. its one of my fav songs from them, and its how i was introduced to them. listen. im pretty sure im biased. but man. hearing samples of their debut title track kinda got to me guys JLSDFKDFSL. i think i cried at some point. probably.

and the one is just really fucking good. that chorus. I LOVE DRUM N BASS!!! that chorus is so good and when i found out this was the direction they were going for their title track i literally jumped. love u drippin and the production team thank you for the good music.

edit: i might make a page for drippin, or even for the villain: the end album here bc wow

mv / audio

2. I therefore(iyueni) - parsley onuma

literally dropped this (almost) on mY bday and it SLAYYYYSSSS we love you flower and parsley onuma! there is something in this song that makes me get up and bust a silly little move i literally CANNOT contain myself when this song comes on. me af the hard beats, motherfucking VFLOWER, its so good so good i love this so much. thank you for my life


3. glitch - kwon eunbi

glitch really slayed i think especially in that dance break or whatever like. DAMMMMN. also that intro and outro is soo good hellooo. we needed this so badly. a very simple song but oh my god the release of that fucking build up has to be one of the best things ive heard this year in kpop.... this is literally so amazing. literally makes me shiver im not even joking. thank you


4. always in a dream - kinoue64

this is the softest track on this list. this song is quite special to me and yet i dont really know why. it just is. the gentle-ness of miku's voice accompanied with this type of instrumental yeah. highly recommend this vocaloid producer if you're into this type of stuff aka shoegaze and/or dreampop


5. runaway - onf

THISSSSS i heard this in the highlight medley and i was like omg this is ITTTT, FOR MEEEE. honestly i find it kinda crazy that this was in a album of unreleased (and remastered) songs to put out while they are serving (literally!!!) in the military like YOU HAD THIS GEM IN THE VAULT???? thats crazy. also that fucking bridge with the strings u gotta be kidding me.


6. start up - tempest

gay ppl will hear 2 synths in a song and rate it 5 stars and this is proof of that. ITS so FUN. im hot. feel good. fantastic. and you KNOW IT!!!!!!


7. switch - drippin

sorry for having 2 drippin songs on this list BUT this was the song that made me a actually get into them. another nu disco perfection song. ate ate ate ate ate


8. marvelous - mirae

the grip this song had on me when i first heard it oh my lordd. so fucking catchy. but honestly i think it still holds up. i feel like im the MA MA MA MA MARS. i swear this is so good please hear me out

mv / performance

9. sunshine - onew

one of those where i listen to it for the first time and i go :ooooo oh yeah this is for me. honorable mention to dice bc that shit also slaps and the mv is very cute


10. thank you - brave girls

no thank YOU brave girls!! nu disco perfection btw. pov: you are in a roller rink


11. deep - hyo

this one is just pure fun i love it so much. i learned the choreo of this at like 4am one day


12. feel so good - lucy

ost songs that hit hard are so funny to me. they literally did not have to go this hard. but my god. this is another song that makes me do a little dance no matter what. it just gets me up fr


13. space mulan - bebe yana

guys im begging yall to check this soloist out please i need more songs from her pleaseee :sobs: i think drum n bass has become one of my favs subgenres and im so happy ive seen it used more in kpop this year as well. i also wanna recommend the ep that this song is in. just great stuff


14. up! - kep1er

this song is literally pure happiness you put this song and i am instantly happy


15. icarus - road-b

this song’s production goes kinda fucking nutty. we’ve got the guitars, the dnb beat, the midi strings, the synths. its perfect me think


16. time slip by bronze ft. yukika

i should listen to this album maybe????? this was an amazing collab tho yukika keeps winning


17. miracle - golden child

v recommended this one to me one day AND DAMN she gets me also ive been listening to more golcha recently and damn it hits. DANCE!


18. flip that - loona

my god have i been wanting a song like this from them :sobs: again the last chorus so so so amazing heejin was not kidding they DID wake me up

have a soundcloud rip cus we are in the middle of a boycott LOL
𝐑𝐎𝐒𝐄 𝐏𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐋𝐒 · 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) - Flip That

19. dodgy - trpp

open invitation to any one who likes shoegaze / dreampop to listen to this band


20. bring it on - oneus

this one is funny as hell bc when i first listened to it i was really feeling it til i got to the goofy sax in the chorus but honestly it grew on me. i like it. sorry for making fun of you i didnt mean it


favorite albums and eps

villain - drippin

空​間​、​事​情​、​時​間​、​事​象​。- kinoue64

villain : the end - drippin

space mulan - bebe yana

fav finds

siinamota / powapowap

i want to personally thank him im not kidding. his style is so distict and like unique like you can tell if a song is made by him WITHOUT being repetive (cough yoasobi...) i find that amazing. i hope you found your happiness siinamota. your music will forever live on.

  • fav album: sepia record, alive, yume no manimani
  • fav songs: young girl a, stoy., strobe light, sky fish, at the mercy of a dream, halo, mashiro no iro
  • parsley onuma

    this guy has some fucking BANGERSSS WTF. thank god for vocaloid. goes crazy with that piano and drum n bass

  • fav album: ave
  • fav songs: atelier, praise, egoist, dizzy, corruption, replay, yue ni
  • abu-se-ken

    okay listen i dont have much to say abt this person but their music is like depressing as hell but not in a miserable ??? at least in terms of like instrumentation. if you read the lyrics then yeah its gonna get real bad real quick. but it slaps ! also that one song where he samples MLK is soooo. i shouldnt laugh but the song goes hard as well

  • fav songs:dog dog, shinjuku jack
  • kinoue64

    this is literally. the BEST use of miku gaze ever. the this person tunes miku AND THE WAY she fits so damn well. i find it amazing. bc miku having such a sweet voice..... IDK how to describe it but despite these songs being "noisy" they have SUCH a sense of like comfort... comfy-ness. its so good. i love their work

  • fav album:space, time, circumstances, and events
  • fav songs:always in a dream, ghost, rapture
  • playlists of this year