fav kpop producers

currently a work in progress!

i feel like these people often get overlooked by the kpop community a lot when they are the ones that bring kpop music to life. one day i was bored as hell and decided to compile a list of producers who's style i like and my favorite songs from them

production teams

producers who have also worked on a song but aren't part of said production teams will be mentioned but not bolded


my favorite production team! i can always trust them for a great electronic song. as far as i known they tend to compose songs that leans into heavy and layered electronic songs and in my opinion they are the best ones at delivering these types of songs!

their work as producers is mostly seen in the discographies of woollim entertainment artists. website: newtypeent.com

highlighted producers: TAK, 1Take, Corbin, Beatie


you know a song is gonna be good when it has that "AH AH!" (their producer tag!) in the intro / instagram

highlighted producers: 영광의 얼굴들 (glory face), 진리 (jinli), HARRY


possibly one if the most well known producer teams in the kpop sphere! monotree's style is pretty diverse from producer to producer but the ones i've highlighted have worked on great dancepop and electropop tracks / website: monotreemusic.com

highlighted producers: G-High, Hyun Hwang, 김해론 (Heron Kim), INNER CHILD, pdly, onestar

individual producers