one of my most precious memories is making lists of songs i wanted my dad to download on my mp3 player when i was little. throughout my entire life, i have always been accompanied by music, it is something deeply important to me! ♪(´▽`)

i just wanna have a space where i can talk a lil bit about the stuff i like to listen to while also showcasing it as well.

my headphones are the infamous razer kraken kitty headset they are honestly great tbh... and my music player of choice is WACUP! look how cute...

when it comes to streaming stuff, i use bandcamp or youtube preferably. if not, i use this on my phone :) if i enjoy an album or EP i'll try to get the CD. if not, i'll get it digitally.

feel free to send me a recommendation through e-mail !!! i will gladly listen to it whenever i have some time. i love discovering new music


i run a siinamota fansite, he is my favorite vocaloid producer and i highly recommend his stuff if you enjoy vocaloid. i also run the siinamota song bot on twitter.

important dates

  • got into into kpop around 2019 with loona as my introduction.
  • got into vocaloid around 2022 because of siinamota's music.
  • 16.feb.22 - met yukika on a fancall
  • 7.feb.23 - went to my first concert ever! it was a kpop boy group: ONEUS
  • 21.mar.24 - went to my first orchestra! it was lovely
  • credit

  • body background is a scan from siinamota's yume no manimani album booklet, art by meisa