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des' microblog. made for smaller thoughts i want to share.

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13.jun.24 - 1am: i went to goodwill the other day and i bought 1) the least (sarcasm) outdated book on how to make a website published in 2004 and 2) a guide to cats published in 1983.

12.jun.24 - 1am: javascript be kicking my ass but i am slowly learning things I THINK!

10.jun.24 - 12am: my mom in her knitting phase so she made me some slippers. they are so warm and soft!

09.jun.24 - 12am: i've had this page on my draft for like 2 months or something! i thought about using it for my fc2 microblog but i've kind of just stopped using that... i want something simple so i can update it though the github app on my phone so i think this will do!

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