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17.jul.24 - 1am walked for 4 miles yesterday! i need to get myself some nice walking sneakers because all i got are vans and now my feet kinda hurt like crazyyy. but i'm glad i was able to to that! i hope to do it more frequently since i don't have much to do these day. saw some very pretty flowers.

10.jul.24 - 10am recently downloaded WACUP after itunes pissing me off so many times asking me to log in every 30 mins... anyways, my music player is looking sick AF

08.jul.24 - 7pm just messed aroung a little bit with eleventy for a bit thanks to this guide by i can see it coming in pretty handy for some cases, but i think as mentioned in the guide! i won't be getting much use of it since i like to add minor decorations and such to pages where i could use it like my gaming log, blog, and journal. but either way it's cool that i learned something new.

08.jul.24 - 12pm wishing more sites i liked had an RSS feed i could subscribe to... i'm thinking of doing a tutorial of sorts though i just made one yesterday

07.jul.24 - 4am caught up with csm... fujimoto you are going to hell 😂

07.jul.24 - 2am wow adding a RSS feed for my website's updates was so easy... wish i had done this sooner LOL. also maxxxine was kinda just okay. awks

05.jul.24 - 2am possible rework of my journal page might be incoming.... kinda want a change of scenery! also, i will be watching maxxxine later today!!! very excited to see how this trilogy is going to conclude...

02.jul.24 - 4pm this is as good as life gets

25.jun.24 - 11pm washing machines that lock their lids should not exist. also i kinda have my halloween outfit ready... he he he

19.jun.24 - 11pm installed ruby and i've been messing with the neocities CLI. this shit is crazy. it does the job without me having to use github so there's that. but using a different terminal rather than git bash is a very minor annoyance. been also trying to create a git hook as shown here but i can't exactly get it to work. argggg. another day then.

19.jun.24 - 7pm the neocities profile red notification really only be working whenever the fuck it wants.

19.jun.24 - 12am find it a bit funny how i be writing these during literally 12 - 1am but anyways. spent a good chuck of yesterday trying to figure out git bash and you know what? this is actually pretty simple LOL... and it has been pretty useful too compared to github desktop! so i'm glad i finally understand that.

15.jun.24 - 1pm made some media log pages because notion is barely usable for meee. i think having them here will be better.

13.jun.24 - 1am: i went to goodwill the other day and i bought 1) the least (sarcasm) outdated book on how to make a website published in 2004 and 2) a guide to cats published in 1983.

12.jun.24 - 1am: javascript be kicking my ass but i am slowly learning things I THINK!

10.jun.24 - 12am: my mom in her knitting phase so she made me some slippers. they are so warm and soft!

09.jun.24 - 12am: i've had this page on my draft for like 2 months or something! i thought about using it for my fc2 microblog but i've kind of just stopped using that... i want something simple so i can update it though the github app on my phone so i think this will do!

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