masaaki yuasa watchlist

i have a list of masaaki yuasa's work that i've watched or planning to watch! i really like his art style and the stuff he has worked on so far :3
list based off wikipedia (note: not everything is listed here! might add more stuff as i go through these)
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  • the tatami galaxy (director, writer)
  • lu over the wall (director, writer, producer) [movie]
  • night is short walk on girl [movie]
  • devilman crybaby (director) [anime]
  • adventure time: food chain (director, writer, producer) [episode] :bbl:
    so i've been binge watching adventure time for quite a while now, so i could understand the new fionna and cake series better. and my god have i been having such a blast!!!

    i've also been anticipating GREATLY this episode so i could finally cross it out of this list!
    it was so charming and sweet in both the animation and writing. but oh lord the animation!!!!! it stands out so well. what a treat was it to watch! i really just love masaaki yuasa's work so much. it also had a very colorful palette, as his works usually do. just MUAH

    and like i previously mentioned, the episode itself was pretty neat! basically finn and jake are experiencing the cycle of life throughout this episode by becoming birds, worms, bacteria, flowers etc etc and so the cycle continues! adventure time has its Very random episodes here and there, and while this is one of them, this is def one of the more unique ones (i am so unbiased rn) [26.sep.23]
  • genius party [shorts compilation]
  • super shiro (director) [anime]
  • slime adventures [short]
  • mind game [movie]
  • ride your wave (director) [movie]
  • ping pong the animation (director, writer) [anime]
  • inu oh (director) [movie]
  • kickheart [short]
  • Kemonozume / the beast claw (director, writer) [anime]
  • cat soup (writer, producer) [short]
  • kaiba (director, writer) [anime] :bbl:
  • one of the BEST animes i've ever watched. i remember watching this while i was in bed recovering from a 3 day migrane or something and just wow. what a life changing experience.

    the anime opens with nameless boy (who we later find out is called kaiba) who does not remember ANYTHING about himself. head empty, no thoughts. LITERALLY. and the anime takes place in a dystopian society where you can replace your memories as you please since they are all stored in a chip. want to get rid of the bad ones? done! it a very interesting concept which is what brought me into the anime in the first place.

    the art style is so silly given how dark the show can get. and also just the dynamic between kaiba and neiru is so while there's some stuff in the anime that i dont exactly agree with, this was still a lovely experience to me and has been on the top of my favorite animes list for a while. also i cried a lot...
    proud owner of the kaiba blu-ray disc and it is the only anime i own physically as of writing this [05.sep.23]
  • keep your hands off eizouken! (director) [anime] :bbl:
  • MY GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this anime is just so cool to me. what a love letter to animation really. its just about 3 girls trying to animate a short and i just love them so much. this one has a special place in my heart because its just plain and simple and it is an anime that doesn't sexualize middle school girls and it shows them as exactly as what they are: KIDS! kids trying to pursue their passion and its just so much FUN!!!

    i remember watching this stuck in my house (from covid...) during the first half of 2020 and it seriously brought a smile to my face everytime i watched it.
  • japan sinks: 2020 [anime]

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