my beloved plushies

these little guys mean the world to me!!


given to me as a christmas gift from my boyfriend!

ralsei is my favorite character from deltarune so i love this plushie a lot!

it's so adorable.

brand: fangamer



bought this guy during around easter season i think... he's just cute.

this silly guy

saw this guy being promoted somewhere on the web from an artists and i had to get him!!!! he is very cute and goofy looking.

brand: pokopipo


gift from my boyfriend when he visited sea world.

seal + silly = sealie

plague nurse

was dating someone at the time and they had a plague doctor plushie so i bought this plague nurse counterpart she's still cute though.

brand: squishable


my childhood best friend.

i'm pretty sure i've had this plushie since i was in 3rd grade. his eyes were a bit more purple-ish but over the years the color has worn off.

brand: J!NX


bought at epcot center in the morocco section!

this fennec fox is soooo soft... i love petting him when i'm bored because of how soft he is.

his tag says miyoni by aurora but at first i read "miyoni" as "miguel" (FOR SOME REASON) and i just found it so funny that he got stuck with that name. miguel :)

boy why are you so ears????

nyan cat

my first plushie ever!!!

my dad bought me this one from ebay though i am Pretty sure it is an official one!

if you pressed his head it would play the nya nya nya song but that only worked for like... a year.

charley cheetah

bought from my visit to disney's animal kingdom. his tag name says he is called charlie cheetah so i always went with that name! i always call him "charley" though.

he is one of the most huggable plushies i own! he is quite honestly so perfect for cuddling. i love him a lot.

brand: jellycat


i was at a pharmacy one time waiting for my prescription to be ready so i go looking around the store. they had a little section of small plushies and suddently i found this beautiful stupid ass plushie!!!!!!

i love how cute and colorful she is.

my favorite thing ever is the little message that her tag says which goes like this:

you can see magic all around you if you try.
like the colorful wings of a butterfly.
just be yourself, there's nothing to hide.
everyone's special on the inside.

her birthday is on june 12th

brand: TY, squish-a-boos collection

happy and mad octo

i still see these bitches everywhere.

had to get one!


a gift from my friend, hina!

i've never been into pokemon (except for pokemon go. lol) but i like him and from what i have heard he likes eating and you know what? i like eating too.

huge fox

found in the baby section of a store. he looked very comfortable to i took him home :)

sometimes use him as a pillow.


i think his name is pedro.

a present from my boyfriend :3 i love mushrooms. also his head is so fucking big.