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i do a little bit of art on rare occasions.


??.may.24 - casio from hit visual novel: if found...

made this while bored af studying for my precalculus final.

08.dec.22 - based off siinamota's halo PV.

this is the first of three pieces i want to make based off this song's pv. its one of my favorite songs by siinamota because of how haunting and melancholic it sounds.i wanted to create something that would show how i view what's happening to the protagonist while they are saying these things since the video and song are pretty vague. i also just wanted to caption the feeling of the PV and song. it is one of my favorite songs from siinamota.

??.??.23 - sketch of a member from orange caramel. i don't know her name, so sorry. the picture was just very charming.

and another one. based off siinamota's halo

so there's this kpop idol called JUNHO from kpop boy group DRIPPIN...

22.jul.23 - a friend of mine found a mcdonald's fast food worker hello kitty plushie and i found it sooooooooo adorable. i had to draw her bringing me my food. and btw boycott mcdonalds for palestine.

used a pic from korean photographer mugung for this one. just messing around with CSP.

doing fuck all doodling minecraft stuff and those weird mushroom ppl from dark souls. idk i just find them really cute. i love mushrooms.

some doodles of power and meowy from chainsaw man. they are so badass.

based off siinamota's oyasumi


based off a pic from photographer mugung.

finished sometime around october 2017

did this over the course of two weeks after Puerto Rico got hit with the cat5 hurricane maria during september 2017. this was the result of being without electricity for about 2 weeks. as you can imagine i didn't have much to do everyday so i doodled on this page til there was no space left. or eventually got tired of working on it. actually i think the pens i was using ran out of ink too.

honestly i have so much to talk about with this horrible experience but that's for another day.

done sometime around 2021 for my art journal

going through a breakup during march 2020 and this music video healed me. i had a few plans for this projects but it basically came out how i wanted :) this one is one of my favorite pieces.

??.feb.22 - had a lot of fun with this one using my watercolor brushes. thank you siinamota for my life.

for the 6th anniversary of hyper light drifter! one of my fav video games.

skrunklies from inscryption

another casio...... this one was fun.

a drawing of ateez' san. i love this album photoshoot.

the little prince and the fox. my meow meows.

an oldie. guys i love the little prince.


custom made booklet of beach house' depression cherry

one day i was bored out of my ass so i make depression cherry a custom made booklet so i could read along the lyrics as the CD plays :) this album has a booklet but it only has pictures.

obviously inspired by the original booklet, and the whole red and rose theming this thing has going on. none of the pictures i used in the making of this are mine and i basically got them from google... all i did was put it all together.

you can download the .docx file and print it yourself here!

things used: this youtube video on how to make an album booklet, photopea, and ms word for printing and formatting.

custom made booklet of beach house' depression cherry custom made booklet of beach house' depression cherry custom made booklet of beach house' depression cherry custom made booklet of beach house' depression cherry custom made booklet of beach house' depression cherry
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