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  • become - beach house
  • VRUSH UP! -siinamota tribute- - Various Artist
  • seven sins - drippin
  • 폭풍전야 (the calm before the storm) - tempest
  • humidifier - FOG
  • アイドル (idol) - yoasobi
  • here i stand - yuragi
  • april 2023 listening log

    become - beach house

    type: EP
    genres: dreampop, alt rock
    date released: 28 april 2023

    beach house anounced a while back that they would be releasing an EP with b-sides from their once twice melody album sessions that didn't make the cut for that album. (which i have to relisten at some point!) honestly i kinda had high expectations for this for no reason. because i knew it was just b-sides but i see the name beach house and i can't help but jump. but despite this flaw that i have, i wasnt really disappointed! because yeah they are pretty simple, songs. nothing mindblowing. but i did enjoy them since at the end of the day all i wanted was more chill beach house songs and thats exactly what i got

    also i like the tone of these as well. a bit more cheerful too! i appreciate that (as someone who is going through it) thank you beach house

    highlights: american daughter, holiday house


    listened on 29.apr.23

    VRUSH UP! -siinamota tribute- - Various Artist

    type: compilation, album
    genres: jpop, electronica
    date released: 19 april 2023

    note: this is a relistening of the digital reissue. originally released on CD in april 27, 2014

    hai U/M/A/A released the VRUSH UP! tributes on digital platforms pretty recently so i decided to relisten to the siinamota tribute one to celebrate!!!! after having to download a rip of this album so i could listen to it a few months ago...... but anyway!!! for those who dont know: these songs are all remixes of siinamota's songs. when i first listened to it i honestly didnt have much to say. like i just listened to it, thought it was okay, and left IDK WHY. but like i said, i recently came back to it. and WOW??? this compilation has grown so much on me since then. i REALLY love how each remix has its own charm. from PinocchioP's rock take with those awesome noisy guitars on the chorus on strobe last, to Chizumi's piano version of the instrumental of sky fish. listening to it all again i find it so lovely and i also like how theres a little bit of everything in here too. and the addition of sasanomaly's young girl a is so nice. as someone who loves that song very much

    highlights: strobe last, young girl a, hello strobe, vanilla flavor piece, sky fish


    listened on 24.apr.2023

    seven sins - drippin

    type: single
    genres: kpop
    date released: 19 april 2023

    wow that was crazy. i absolutely loved seven sins. I DO wish there had been more strings throughout the song because when that instrumental came up in the teaser i was like. holy shit. this is IT. THEY DID THIS FOR ME! (delusional) but yeah. the bridge was so fucking good as well. that bassline alongside the harmonizing "oh oh"s UGHHHH so good so good. the production in this was great tbh. i wasnt really expecting much from a single after my experience with villain:zero... because yeah i didnt really have the best experience witht that single of theirs. BUT THIS ONE THO........ so good

    stereo while not being my type of song exactly, i found it to be so cool !!! at first like hmmmmmm but the chorus is pretty fun because of the stereo (ha) effect in it. i'll def be listening to seven sins and stereo on repeat after this. and now whats left is.... bad blood. its not bad? but its just whatever to me i dont really care abt it. dont think i would play it that much.

    SO overall i am pretty happy with this. but wow seven sins was just incredible to me. and again. THE MV???? the quality of the music video was like insanely good too. my jaw dropped to the ground. who gave woollim a budget

    click here for mv

    highlights: seven sins, stereo


    listened on 19.apr.23

    폭풍전야 (the calm before the storm) - tempest

    type: EP
    genres: kpop, dancepop
    date released: 17 april 2023

    im so sad. you guys do not know my disappointment when i heard eye of the storm and i was like oh ok a rap song i sleep, and then that absolutely groovy ass chorus came and i wanted TO CRY DFKLDFLK. because its so good. but because the song is filled with rap verses i cant even enjoy it. i need kpop to stop making their idols rap in every song that isnt a ballad. please. but anyway yeah. what sucks too is that eye of the storm is my fav out of this EP. WHICH SAYS A LOT..... so lets continue. thats just the first track. yep.

    dangerous (the title track) is pretty okay? tbh? like at first i was like eh. but on my 3rd listen i def see this getting stuck in my head. and it has that same grooviness (idk if this is a real word. sorry) as the opening track, which is totally up my alley! but idk. i think it might end up being a grower bc i like listening to it but its just ok. and i'd say the same about freak show as well. awesome chorus, but its just kinda missing something for me. i can def see myself liking them more, the more i listen to them tho. and the last track in this ep is a ballad but im not here for that. im here those groovy songs!!!! actually now that i am listening to this ballad, its actually quite Okay. i thought it was going to be a major snoozefest

    honestly i would give this a solid 6/10 but that opening track gave me such a bad moment im giving it a 5/10 for now

    highlights: eye of the storm (when it isnt the rap verses)


    listened on 17.apr.23


    type: EP
    genres: jpop,jrock
    date released: 12 april 2023

    first time listening to this group! (well i had only heard 1 of their songs in fortnite and thats how i found out about them help me) ive never listened to any of these songs (at least i dont think) so i was going in blind and tbh? it was nice! that opening track is kinda crazyyy to me. i think thats my fav out of all of them. love love love the techno vibes in giri giri too. i thought i was gonna like otonablue more from the track ratings and comments i saw on RYM but it was just ok for me? LIKE ITS DEF NOT BAD. its groovy too. but for me theres wayyy better songs id listen to. sorry that sounded a bit harsh. but yeah im just saying its not within my highlights but its a nice song. maybe it needs a few more listens. but overall i kinda really enjoyed this! i can def see myself up'ing the rating to 4 stars in the future. this has potential to be a hit in my library.

    highlights: じゃないんだよ(JANAINDAYO), giri giri, 青春を切り裂く波動 (Seishun Wo Kirisaku Hado)


    listened on 15.apr.23

    humidifier - FOG

    type: single
    genres: shoegaze
    date released: 12 april 2023

    this was pretty nice ngl


    listened on 14.apr.23

    アイドル (idol) - yoasobi

    type: single
    genres: jpop, electropop
    date released: 12 april 2023

    holy shit ayase did it! he produced a song that doesnt sound like a copy of their previous songs YAY!!! REJOICE! but anyway besides making fun of him (i like yoasobi!!!! but most of their songs sound the same!!) this single is so fun!! its very different to what we've listened so far and thank god for that!


    listened on 14.apr.23

    here i stand - yuragi

    type: album
    genres: dreampop, shoegaze, indie rock
    date released: 5 april 2023

    OK I DID IT!!!!! i had listened to this album on release day but i fucking fell asleep in the middle of it. like i listened to the first half awake (i wasnt really paying attention tho...) and then the second half i fell asleep. from what i heard while i was dreaming it was pretty nice. but today i finally listened to this album fully awake. this was pretty nice actually!! i think in my previous entry i said that it was just ok?? im sorry for that. i got thru the 2nd half of it awake and wow i really loved that 2nd half. the transition between lost sight of you and the more i feel was what i would call awesomesauce. i think i wonder is prob my fav from this album. like its a pretty simple track but idk it just feels so tender. "i have to gooooooooooooooo". also i think i def lean more towards the slower type of songs in this. i enjoyed the shoegaze of course! but for me i think they really nailed it with those type of songs. makes me feel like if im drifting away. but also the title track is absolutly phenomenal as well. idk why i rated 3 stars when it came out as a single.... i am not the same person i was 2 days ago. but overall. two thumbs up!

    album highlights: i wonder, here i stand, lost sight of you, the more i feel, jason, i like you through the veil, falling


    listened on 14.apr.23